Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Halter Pattern

This pattern was created through my being apprehensive to pick up stitches at the edge of my work as well as my distaste for resizing and sewing seams, This is all done with the initial band and the cast offs.

There are NO SEAMS! Who can go wrong with that?

This can be done in two colors as shown or one solid color, I chose an accent not only because who wants all one? Also, Makes it easier to tell the difference between the parts.

Another tidbit, This is my first posting of a pattern.

Size 8 Circular needles
about 8oz worsted (Main Color)
And about 1-2oz small amount of another.
Stitch Marker

The band:
CO 10 St. Using Cabled cast on
Row 1: *K2, Sl2, K2, Sl2, K2* Row 2 Knit
This will create loops on the Wrong side which will be used later
Repeat rows 1 and 2 until the band is long enough to fit around the waist when slightly stretched.
use 3 needle cast off on an even row(I made the mistake of doing it on an odd and have a gap in the knit rows)

The bottom
Pick up all of the loops on the bottom part of the band (this proves to be a slight challenge but it works)
R1 Knit and join in the round
R2 *k1 yo* repate to complete the row
R3, Knit every other yo to the end of the row
R4 to the end, Knit to the desired length(remember, this is below the bust down)
Continue knitting until it is the length desired
Knit 3 rows or work in k2 p2 ribbing (Depending on how many stitches you have.)uj
Cast off

The top

Pick up all the loops on the top part of the band beginning where the Cast off Seam is and place marker
Begin working back and forth
Purl when WS is facing you
On RS K3 K2tog Knit until 5 stitches remain SSK K3
Continue decreasing every other row until about 35-40 St remain
(This will vary depending on the length of the band, if you feel the top is getting too long, try k3tog every few rows to take it in)
Knit for 3 rows
Knit 4, cast off Knit 4 (This begins the straps.)

Working from 2 separate strands(or working from just 1 and using 3 needle cast off on the edge of the work), work the straps until when stretched, these fit around your neck comfortably. (I worked the straps for about 30 rows each then tried it on to make sure the straps were long enough to fit comfortably and used the 3 needle cast off again)

Or if preferred knit the straps to the desired length so that you can tie it.


WOULD LOVE to see the results once you have completed yours